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Forget about finding just any AMS Membership Software! The team at believes you need to think bigger. They believe you need an engagement software and revenue solutions for your association. And, they believe that they have the world’s best AMS engagement software for you too!

Do you agree? In our ongoing “Search of a Membership Management Software Series”, we have prepared a quick look at, an association membership management software in this CRM database software review to help address that “big” question. Software Review 

Introduction to AMS Software:

YourMembership Inc. is a privately-held corporation that develops, hosts and manages online member communities and web-based membership management software. The company offers a complete, customizable and membership solution in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model approach with all product features, customer support and future upgrades included for one fixed annual fee.

Established in 1998, YourMembership serves nearly 5,000 member-centric customers that span all seven continents and range from associations to multi-national corporations. No matter an organization’s size or mission, YourMembership provides the tools needed to create global connections between the organization and its members.

As of 4/2017, is a family member of Community Brands which currently includes other customer relationship management platforms such as Abila, Nimble AMS, and Aptify in it’s portfolio of solutions.

Per Community Brands, they are the market-leader of technology and revenue solutions for more than 13,000 associations and nonprofit organizations. Its connected ecosystem of software and services are transforming the value organizations recognize from their technology investments. For more information, visit

Brief Summary of AMS Membership Software: 

YourMembership features include: member directories with social networking, event calendars with online registration and ticketing, group/chapter homepages, career/volunteer center, user profile pages, online store, donation system, blogs, forums, file libraries, collaborative wiki pages, real-time data imports and exports, bulk email and messaging system, photo albums, lost members, staff directory, online interactive surveys and quizzes, custom content and much more – all updatable through a secure back-end site administration system. YourMembership also provides a simple way to create custom site content, pages and forms.

Based on conversations with YM team, the core YourMembership feature set is included at no additional cost – there is no need to buy additional modules or site components. Customers may turn certain features on-and-off as needed without incurring additional à la carte fees.

Key Functions & Features of

Member Management

With YM, you may create and manage multiple member types, maintain personal and professional contact information, & create sophisticated membership dues levels. Further, you may allow members to pay membership dues in installments and with discounts. Rounding out the membership management area you may search by multiple criteria including custom fields, export member and non-member data.  Finally, email and messaging members directly from site is possible too.

Website and Hosting

Like most Tier III solutions, using YM may help your association execute your vision with a professionally designed website that is easy to update with fresh, relevant content. Specific features of interest:

  1. Publish content via WSIWYG editor or plain text editor for advanced HTML and formatting.

  2. Upload/manage access to files, images and documents.

  3. Establish social/professional networking access to members.

  4. Premium professional website design services are also available.

Mobile Responsive Design Template

YM purports to be mobile responsive. Therefore, you may reach your members anywhere on any device with an attractive mobile website template that can be scaled down to a tablet or hand-held smart phone. In addition, premium professional website design services are also available.

Social Networking + Forums

Forum management is common in many membership management solutions today. But, with YM you may create a forum based community where members engage more, build a knowledgebase of ideas, & sharing expertise. In this software system, your members can market themselves professionally with the latest interactive tools. Members can chat in real time and connect with fellow members that are ‘online now’. Further, they may upload, view and comment and tag photos.

Event Management

YM’s event management functions allow you to market events online and enable members to easily register, track and receive attendance credit.  Some more advanced items are the following:

  1. Add event tickets for sale online with member-type specific pricing.

  2. Manage event photos and galleries.

  3. Export event registration lists.

  4. Allow members to edit their own registrations after submitting.

  5. Cross-promote and sell related store items within events.

eCommerce Store

With YM, you may sell products 24/7 with promotional codes, tax and shipping calculations, and automated card processing. Automated email confirmation and shipment notification. Process store credit card purchases. The system can be set to allow ‘Bill Me’ option for non-credit card orders. You may create and sell downloadable products.

Member Self-Service

This system can provide your members the ability to keep their personal and professional information up-to-date. They may upload personal photos, manage personal preferences and alerts. Maintain categorized colleague/friends/family connection lists.

Communication Management 

This system can provide your staff the ability to send email communications for various needs. Features may provide the following: Email members and connections, Mass email event registrants, Email and message members directly from site, Create/Save your own custom email templates , Manage email opt-out and bounce process Send rich text, HTML or plain text emails, & Track specific content and/or entire email view open reports and click tracking stats Schedule future mailings.

Dashboard Analytics

There is a considerable amount of depth in the YM reports area. Within YM, you can run your organization more efficiently with access at a glance to illustrative graphs and charts enabling you to track important trends in real time. For many executives, this may be just what is needed to make decisions faster with powerful data analytics at your fingertips.

CEU Tracking System

For those associations who offer education, YM may effectively manage online certification award systems for you. Members can self-award certifications, certifications show on member profiles. Some advanced items noted are the following:

  1. Certifications auto-awarded for events, surveys, quizzes, etc.

  2. Print certificates and statements of credit.

  3. Auto email notification prior to certificate expiration.

  4. Manage sophisticated certification programs with specific credit requirements.

With, you will find that many of the features expected in a membership software program are present such as member database, dues management, payment processing, communication tools, and reporting.

Yes, you can get the help you need to build a website and have it hosted too. Yes, they have designed the software to be easy to use and not require extensive protocols to import new information. Quite frankly, those functions are not unique to other similar solutions.

What is unique? The Career center (Job Board), SociaLink, and Learning Management are several items which set the solution apart from others. Let’s take a look at why.

YM has a dynamic career center platform which may deliver a world-class user experience + increase  revenue at your organization. A career center and job board could help your clients or members find out more information on jobs available to them. In addition, it may add a way for members and sponsors to connect in a market place could raise the number of people interested in your organization.

SocialLink, an add-on component, is another unique advantage for this solution. With it, you can make your association a part of your members’ daily social networking habits. The power of popular social media is now available in a private member community.

  1. Give your members and administrators the upper hand to easily find relevant information using their device of choice—anytime, anywhere.

  2. Visually display member activity and participation levels to encourage your members to contribute more frequently and connect to community thought leaders.

  3. Engage members in your community by providing relevant content, learning and career opportunities within a single feed.

  4. Promote valuable one-on-one connections and networking opportunities based on common attributes and interests. Improve visibility into your latest news or campaigns.

  5. Boost revenue with strategic communications and calls to action served to each member’s content feed.

With, Crowd Wisdom™, you may provide online learning for more engaging and empowering educational experiences. With it, Associations may connect learners and peers so they share knowledge and guidance in a social and engaging learning environment. In addition, you may manage all of your educational content formats in one central location, and provide powerful tools to create and deliver assessments, evaluations and learning communities.

Where does  likely Fit?

  1. Healthcare Societies + Institutes, trade associations, chamber of commerce, professional membership organizations, alumni Associations, Bar Associations, & AMC’s will find value in this solution. 

  2. 5 or more staff employees

  3. Operating Budget over 1 Million 

  4. Administrators who are using multiple software and excel sheets to run their membership organization.

  5. Member based organizations seeking an affordable well-built AMS Membership Software Visuals: eCommerce Screen

How is YM Membership Software Priced? 

Like many membership management products on the market today YM is “cloud-based.” Cloud-based products, also referred to as online membership management systems, are hosted on the software vendor’s servers, and available to users on-demand through any compatible device’s internet browser.

The YM products have a subscription-based pricing structure.

As of 2nd quarter 2019, there are several packages which are available. That said, based on a many factors one should anticipate a minimum investment of $10,000 for a first year investment. Please consult YM directly for the most up to date pricing.

YM Software Peer Review Data 

Like software today, software peer review sites are all over the internet. Below you will find several with various comments on YM from YM users:

Before you check out the feedback found on these sites, my recommendation is that you please review our article on how to utilize these site and comments on various resources here.

Learn more about the YM AMS Database:

Is YM Software the best fit for you? What are top alternatives?

To answer that question, we have curated, interviewed, and prepared more detailed information for executives, like you dedicated to the not for profit industry who would like the full view.

Our full review and thoughts are available upon request.

To be sure, our software analysis is not a brochure, “marketing noise.” or a “sales pitch.” Rather, we provide a free objective dialogue and insights designed to help association executives make a smarter software business decision.

Top Alternatives

Please stay tuned to our ongoing Searching for A Smart Membership Software software reviews where we will continue to provide further insights into other Membership Database Software and Donor database software options designed for 501(c) 3 organizations.

For the most recent published reviews, please click below:

And, to obtain a sample list of the database software reviews we have, you may follow the link here.

If you work for a software vendor and have a software member or donor database system which you would like us to include in our software review process, please contact us.

Until next time, keep SmartThoughts in mind.

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