AMS Software Review of Memberclicks

Updated: Jan 7

Memberclicks AMS Software Review

Most associations are fed up with their software. Maybe it’s time to love yours? If so, the team at MemberClicks AMS believes that they have the best membership CRM option for your small trade and professional association.

MemberClicks AMS Software Review

We are excited to share this quick look at MemberClicks AMS ( aka Oasis or Personify Pro internally), a nonprofit Association Management Software, AMS, for small trade and professional associations.

For those interested in learning more about MemberClicks AMS beyond this summary, we are available to share with you our thoughts about this membership software and how it fits into the larger membership software market today.

Suffice it to say, we have curated, interviewed, and prepared more detailed information for executives employed in the not for profit association industry to set up a time to discuss at length. Our software reviews are designed for those who would like fair and objective insights into the capabilities of this AMS software for nonprofit program.

Our Sources:

Over the course of the last decade, we have worked with the MemberClicks AMS team many times to help our clients, have reviewed the solution in brief and detailed demonstration overviews with their team, curated specific insights from the vendor for various use cases, read through countless software website pages, case studies and read multiple peer to peer reviews. This brief summary is a culmination of those insights.

Buyer Disclaimer:

It can’t go without saying, there are many unique things which this system can do that are not mentioned. And, some possible holes too.  So, be mindful of this fact. While we believe this is a good summary, this short review should not be your only source of the truth! Finally, it's important to note that we are not reviewing the acquired and formerly known as Weblink AMS solution now known as Atlas.

Introduction to MemberClicks Oasis (Personify Pro):

Per MemberClicks AMS website, since 1998, MemberClicks has been reinventing the membership software experience for professional associations, trade associations, and chambers of all sizes. MemberClicks states that they have 3,000 organizations throughout North America. In 2017, MemberClicks acquired ePly and WebLink to make our outreach bigger and better.

In December 2020, MemberClicks was acquired by Personify. Personify offers the following AMS options: WildApricot, MC Trade, MC Professional, & ThreeSixty.

Even before the acquisition, MemberClicks was well known software provider in the small Association market. It’s primary HQ was and is located in Atlanta, GA. However, they have human resources in offices in Indianapolis, IN. and Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Per LinkedIn, MemberClicks now has an estimated 70 plus employees with a negative human resource growth of 22% in the last 2 years. While they have grown tremendously in previous years, the decline is attributed to the consolidation of administration due to the various acquisitions. The organization is completely focused on the membership market including associations (trade and professional) and chambers (via acquisition of the former WebLink team in Indiana).

As of 5/2021, the average employee tenure is 3.6 years which is healthy for technology companies who tend to have a considerable amount of turnover. The employee distribution and headcount by function is heavily weighted towards support & 21% involved in sales and/or business development.

According to social media tags, their specialty is membership management software, membership websites, event registration software, dues payment software, association software, nonprofit software, membership database, and membership directories.

As of 5/2021, Glassdoor, an online company employee rating site, of the 44 employees surveyed, a spectacular 83% of employees would recommend the place to work to a friend.

And, 87% approve of the work that the former Mark Sedgley, President and CEO, MemberClicks was doing too. With the acquisition, MemberClicks CEO Mark Sedgley is running sales and marketing for the combined company, reporting to Scott Collison.

This approval is down in both areas but overall maintains a 4.3 out of 5 score among former and existing employees who submitted responses.

The Key Functions of MemberClicks AMS:

MemberClicks, is a well appointed web solution for small-staff organizations. Like many in this category, it is an all-in-one solution designed to make an organization run smoother and work life simpler. It can stand alone as a membership website or seamlessly integrate with your existing site.

In comparison to others, the membership management software is highly flexible which would enable many to:

  1. Store and search through custom profiles and prospects in a secure online database.

  2. Automate your membership applications and dues renewals.

  3. Support organizational memberships.

  4. Send personalized, targeted or broadcast emails.

  5. Accept, promote and manage event registrations.

  6. Easily manage your website with a powerful CMS and responsive design.

  7. Engage your members with a social community.

  8. Generate comprehensive reports on members, forms and revenue.

  9. Handle payments and invoices with integrated accounting.

The system includes the core functional attributes many AMS software providers extend to their clients such as:

  1. Member Database

  2. Member Management for dues renewals & member applications

  3. Communication Management including email marketing

  4. Event Registration (not ePLY)

  5. Member Engagement Community (powered by Personify)

  6. Member Website & Content Management functions

  7. Reporting

  8. Accounting & Payment Processing

  9. Learning Management

  10. Job Board

  11. Conference and Event Management via ePly

  12. Virtual Event functions via ePly

You may find some use in checking out a few videos on the platform here. In addition, a good training session online used during onboarding below.

Please call us to discuss how their system is unique.

Where Does MemberClicks AMS Fit?

Historically, the MemberClicks platform best suited for small membership focused organizations. However, with the recent acquisitions and technology innovations, they are breaking away a bit from their roots.