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Our Culture is focused on developing client advocates! 

An idea without execution is just a dream! That expression encapsulates the drive for beginning our paradigm shift in selecting software for nonprofits. However, the fire which will spark the pendulum to actually shift in the software acquisition process will be our efforts to ignite the drive in our people involved in that execution to actually succeed in helping the clients we serve.

At SmartThoughts, we are setting out to foster a culture which truly believes in helping clients succeed with finding the right software with agnostic membership software reviews. We are seeking men and women of good character with strong abilities to take on new tasks and work together in order to evangelize our mission. We know that it’s our people and their efforts which will bring true advocates of our organization and clients.

With that thought, below you will find several goals of our organization which we believe will foster the development of spirited employee and client advocates:

  • Fun: We want to have fun at work while taking care of our clients. Camaraderie is just simply having fun in the business.

  • Family: We work to provide for our needs and those of our families. Work balance is important and is of paramount importance.

  • Celebrations:  We want to recognize the good work that people to do while assisting other employees and clients alike.

  • Giving Back: We think it’s important to connect to the local community and give back. Every year we would like to begin with a shared community exercise which our team members get behind outside the office to do for others.

  • Communication: Communication is the fiber of everyones day. But, truly with all the communication tools, we are actually doing less true listening and responding. We aspire to create an environment where we do more listening than talking with clients and employees.

  • Caring: Perhaps a bit trite, but in order to serve effectively, you have to care about people. It’s important to remember that what we do outside the office is just as important as what we do at our desks all day.

  • Education: We will provide the employees we have with the opportunity to learn while working.

  • Consistency: We will strive to do our best to do the things which are successful.

  • Connect: We will encourage “Water Cooler” conversations to allow our employees the opportunity to know one another.

  • Software Automation: From day one, we are committed to providing our staff the tools they need to do their respective jobs effectively. And, we are always going to be open to listen to new areas of improvement with automation. We believe in software automation and we will do our best to live what we espouse our clients do.


As we embark on the journey as SmartThoughts, our ideas of a good culture above will be our compass in the pursuit of shared success between clients, partners, and employees.

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