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Software Selection

We provide Database Software Selection Service for 501(c) 3 & Association Membership Organizations


Your organization needs to make the right decision with regards to your next software technology choice. Guessing is not an answer, throwing darts is not good idea either, and playing “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe” is not appropriate at your stage in life, is it?

Our full service software selection engagement is designed to provide a short term CIO, Chief Information Officer, resource to manage the entire scope of the software selection process.  

  1. Research- We will provide insights and information on the pertinent systems and process of selecting enterprise software. 

  2. Establish Business Case & finalize situation analysis 

  3. Define Requirements – Discuss unique requirements, custom workflow, current AMS deficiencies, industry best practices and more.

  4. Shortlisting Vendors – Consulting and perspective on different vendor solutions in the marketplace

  5. Request for Proposals – Prepare, publish, and review RFP documents and proposal responses

  6. Use Case Demonstrations – Get advice, best practices and guidance on structuring use case demonstrations, working with certain vendors to make the most of your demo experience

  7. Hands On– Set up opportunities with vendors to review solution on your own and possibly in Sand Box. 

  8. References – Set up, schedule, and work with you to ask the right questions and maximize value from your peers in the industry using the system reviewed. 

  9. Negotiation – We will review vendor pricing, make suggestions for negotiation and help you get the best deal

  10. Vendor & Project Management 

Why Consider Us for Complete Software Selection Services?

  • We have helped hundreds of nonprofits in CRM,AMS, & donor database software selection engagements.

  • We are focused only on Nonprofit Software Selection Services. Unlike other purported advisors, we do not implement, support, or train on any software designed for nonprofits. Therefore, we remain objective, impartial, and focused on being a resource for the “Best Fit” for you.

  • We have an extensive association & nonprofit technology background with many trusted vendor relationships.

  • We are constantly reviewing technology and keep an eye out for all options on the market today. Not one or two who show up well on “Google”!

  • We genuinely care about your success and have no pressures to push, sale, or persuade you to buy anything. We are truly agnostic!

  • We will reduce your risk of making a bad decision and cause years of heartache at your nonprofit with an awful software program.

If you are seeking software you should demand a trusted adviser who can help you with your technology decisions. We would like to be that resource for you. 

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