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Does Your Database Fit?

Know when to Stay or Go. 

Software Assessments

Database Software Reviews for CRM, AMS Membership, & Donor Solutions

For many organizations, a software asset represents your largest single investment. Rightfully so, because it will have one of the most long-lasting impacts on the ability of your nonprofit to provide benefits to it's stakeholders. And, sadly for many executive directors, the software used can also be the largest anxiety for their organization too.  

What action can you execute today to eliminate the angst and uncertainty? 


We believe a truly objective software assessment can be the catalyst your executives need to push forward with a smart plan to achieve a return on your mission. 


Knowing if you have the right or wrong software partner can be very liberating. When your technology is viewed as a blessing, a burden can be lifted from your mind. And, having your technology strategy aligned with your mission and objectives, there’s no telling what your nonprofit can achieve. 

The SmartThoughts Approach in Software Assessments:  

We assist executives in developing a sensible enterprise software strategy that ensures your budget is well spent and your key stakeholders have the software tools they need to serve your members and constituents. We do this by: 

  • Interviewing all key stakeholders 

  • We discuss frankly where you believe it’s gone wrong

  • We review your enterprise software, human resources, and process factors involved in achieving your mission

  • Analyze your current software situation

  • Understand the impact areas of inefficiencies and where your doing well

  • Review with your team members their goals and what they use to facilitate their respective jobs. And, how they are using the software they have. 

  • Visit with software vendors to discuss issues and remedies

  • Develop a practical, yet progressive, enterprise software technology plan that will help your organization achieve its goals and fulfill its mission


What Questions Will be Answered During an Assessment? 

  • Is your enterprise software viewed as a blessing or a curse?

  • Is your technology flexible enough to adapt to the changes after implementation?

  • Is your staff using the system to it's fullest potential? Are they trained? 

  • Do your members use the system successfully? Should they? 

  • Can you reach your mission with your current software? 

  • Can your stakeholders get information out of the system to make better decisions? 

  • Is the system configurable or customizable enough to help business objectives?

  • Are the appropriate business rules in place and can be easily followed?

  • Should you upgrade, update, or explore new software tools in the market? 

  • If we move away, what options should we explore? 

  • What outcomes will be achieved if we stay or go? 


Benefits of An Annual Software Assessment: 

  • Reduced software failure and costs associated with making the wrong software decisions about staying or switching 

  • Removes individual and department led bias about organizational priorities and helps leaders focus on strategic initiatives and direction of the organization. 

  • Helps your nonprofit avoid needless executive & staff time in the effort to curate and review information needed to make a solid software decision 

  • Having a third party perform the assessment, will provide a proven and structured process to your assessment process 

  • Immediate insights into other enterprise software options for the industry

  • Provides an objective "referee" in the software assessment process 

  • Regular software assessments provide consensus and alignment in the strategic initiatives.

  • Assessments demonstrate that your organization cares about your staff. Taking an objective look at the software tools used by the organization helps morale.  

Why SmartThoughts For Enterprise Software Assessments?


Do we need to debate how important an enterprise software decision? No, it's huge! 


That being said, we believe a regular software assessment is critical to the health of an organization. We also believe that assessments performed by an objective and reputable software advisement firm will bring clarity and decisive decision making about your software to light in the most efficient and cost effective manner. 

A few reasons why we should be selected as your trusted adviser for an assessment project: 


  • We are specialists in business and nonprofit enterprise software technology. 

  • We have been involved in hundreds of CRM, AMS, Donor Management, ERP and marketing automation software evaluation projects. 

  • We use a holistic assessment that focuses on technology in its entirety throughout your organization.

  • We contain both technical and business acumen expertise along with more than two decades of industry experience working solely with associations and nonprofit technology.

  • We have a diverse and rich knowledge of many enterprise solutions that are found in the nonprofit technology ecosystem. And, we maintain knowledge of the changes in the market. 

  • We continually review and write reports on software designed which strengthens our knowledge of software options on the market.

  • We understand the budgetary, logistical, and cultural factors that influence how your database may be perceived and should be used in an organization. 

  • We are focused on software assessments and selection projects. We do not implement, train, or provide support for software solutions. This is our business!

  • We focus on smart and achievable goals which are based in reality. 

  • We are a great investment and kind on your budget! 

How is your database health? Should your software stay or go? 


Please contact us now to know for sure here.  

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