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Software Advice 

Free Advice for Nonprofits Selecting CRM, Donor, or Membership Database Software

Most nonprofit organizations do not have the luxury of large technology departments. They are constantly involved in the “whirlwind” which is their day job. And, the task of “selecting a software program” is usually delegated to an inexperienced person on staff who has the most work (the real job) and sometimes has never been involved in searching for software.

To that end, we wanted to help nonprofit executives make better software product selection choices and overall better software usage decisions. In the same light, we know that not all nonprofit organizations are in the same situation and very rarely is there a prescription which can cross over to all parties.

What is Free Software Advice? 

In about one hour allocated, we take the time to assess your situation and guide you in the right path. Will this be sufficient enough time for everyone? No. In fact, depending on your situation you may need to perform an assessment or we may need a few more hours to discern the right fit for you. To be sure, we get paid for our knowledge and expertise in helping nonprofits find software. However, we realize that not everyone requires or desires our full engagement services.


However, with our free software advice, we extend an experienced resource to any nonprofit contemplating decisions such as these:

  • Should you keep your existing software system

  • Maybe you simply need to add some element of functionality and don’t know where to begin

  • Perhaps finding a consultantt is what you need

  • Help with the start of your selection process

  • Making a final decision

What are the deliverables? 

Because we are not paid by any one vendor to sell their nonprofit software, we are truly an impartial and experienced resource to help get you started in the software selection process.


Our goal for the initial call is to:

  • Quickly discuss your situation and options

  • Set expectations in the search for software

  • Guide you to resources to help in your search  

  • Go beyond search engine research to save time 

  • Help shortlist top systems, if applicable 

  • Provide you with valuable experienced insights in software designed for non profits


In short, this call allows us both to determine what you need and help many nonprofits avoid costly mistakes in the software search.


What do you have to lose? Stop Guessing and give us a call today. Until then, keep SmartThoughts in mind.

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