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We want to provide the resources nonprofits need to evaluate enterprise database software.


In this pursuit, our intent is to provide as much insights into the software selection process for nonprofits as we can. 

Therefore, our events are designed to review pertinent topics about how to search for nonprofit software and about specific application software solutions such as:

  • Enterprise Database software

  • Membership software reviews

  • CRM Software for Nonprofits 

  • Fundraising CRM software

  • Donor Database Software

  • Business Intelligence Software 

  • Events Management Software 

  • Branded Online Community Software

  • Email & Marketing Automation software

If there is a specific topic of interest to your nonprofit, please send us your ideas.


If you are a software vendor, reach out to schedule an event or webcast as well. 


Please come back to see what’s up on our events agenda, we put things out all the time!


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