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Vendor Matching

What is Database Software Matching?

Vendor Matching is an exclusive software selection service provided by our seasoned nonprofit software specialists at SmartThoughts to provide nonprofits an objective and impartial approach to selecting the “Best Fit” software.

  • Vendor Matching is a service which helps nonprofits who are exploring a new CRM, Donor Databases, or Membership management systems.

  • Vendor Matching is designed to assist getting started (short listing options) or finishing your software selection process. 

  • Vendor Matching is a small project engagement which helps nonprofits streamline the software selection process by avoiding the pitfalls of reviewing countless software options without having a compass to focus on the right software targets.

  • Vendor Matching is a service for nonprofit association executives who have gone through the evaluation process but have found the final choice difficult to determine.

  • Vendor Matching is designed for nonprofit association executives who are overwhelmed and simply would like an objective third-party consulting opinion from someone who has worked in the market for the last decade.

  • Vendor Matching is designed when a full nonprofit software selection engagement or technology assessment is not warranted due to existing software research already performed, assessments performed in-house, or quite frankly resources do not permit hiring a temporary CIO to go through a formal software selection engagement.

Would you benefit from a Vendor Matching or Software Coaching Project?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the below, then you may find this to be a smart choice:

  • You are struggling to find a qualified "short list" of options. 

  • You are exhausted and overwhelmed by your software selection process.

  • You have spent months and months on the software selection process and have yet to make a decision.

  • You have two or three software options on the table and are overwhelmed.

  • You went to “Google” and spent hours sorting through the options with no idea where to begin the process.

  • You have a full-time job and software selection is not in your job description.

  • Your Nonprofits simply need a little guidance or coaching during your self led software selection process.

A Vendor Matching engagement is usually $1,500 or less. For a minimal investment, you will receive one on one phone consulting, coaching during your self led selection project, access to valuable resources for your software selection engagement, plus unlimited email exchanges during the duration of this type of engagement. 

In addition, should you decide to move forward with a full Software Selection engagement or software assessment within a month of our initial consulting, your investment will be credited towards the next higher project engagement.

Remember, old Benjamin Franklin’s axiom that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is as true today as it was when Franklin made the quote years ago.

With a little software guidance, you may be able to avoid years of regret.


If you are embarking on the journey or finishing up the search, keep SmartThoughts in mind.

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