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Selection of a nonprofit software solution is a critical decision with major strategic and financial implications. As nonprofits (501c 3’s and associations) move toward using digital media to interact with members at a deeper level, the database plays a critical role.

The fundamental goal of our site is to provide useful resources specifically tailored to the nonprofit executive seeking database software for their nonprofit.


On this site, we provide answers to questions such as where to begin your search to find database software for your nonprofit, what are some popular software for nonprofits, and how should a nonprofit assess readiness and embark on a smart technology exploration.

We strive to continually educate and provide content through various utility tools and information which will help in that mission. This is an ongoing mission, so please check back regularly to see what we may have new.

Free resources for Nonprofit Software Selection Projects

Please take a few moments to review the resources which we provide below:

Events For Nonprofits:


Sponsored by vendors who provide Database Software for Nonprofits including Membership Software, Donor Software, CRM Software For Nonprofits, & Marketing Automation Software Technologies.

Blog For Nonprofits:

We provide articles each week about topics related to Membership Database Software, Donor Software for Nonprofits, Marketing Automation Software and Nonprofit CRM Software.

Database Software Reviews:

We are continually evaluating software for nonprofits and membership based organizations. We review and interview each vendor which purports to provide database software for associations, churches, museums, faith based organizations, arts and cultural, & associations that we can.

eBooks on Technology for Nonprofits 

We have compiled a library of information which is agnostic and impartial for nonprofits to utilize in their software search. You may find it here!


We truly hope you find some value in our efforts to help make smarter software business decisions. And, look forward to visiting.

Until then, please keep SmartThoughts in mind.

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