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Resources: Software Selection

ERP Beyond QuickBooks
Outline of success in moving to ERP for Nonprofits.
CRM Fundraising Software
We provide a Free CRM Fundraising Software List for Nonprofit Executives.
Membership Database Tiers
We outline the framework for determining the right size membership database.
Reference Questions
We have compiled a list of smart questions to ask when purchasing CRM software.
Membership Database Purchase
A quick checklist to be sure you make the right decision in membership database software.
Database Software Guide
A comprehensive road map for purchasing database software for membership focused organizations.
CRM Fundraising Software
A comprehensive guide to help 501(c) (3) organizations purchase CRM Fundraising Software.
Email Marketing Software
eBook on Email Marketing for Nonprofits and Associations.
Email vs. Marketing Automation
Detailed analysis outlining the difference in email marketing software and marketing automation software.
Checklist for Marketing Technology
A detailed list of items to consider and ask before purchasing marketing automation software.
Marketing Automation Tech
Comprehensive list of Marketing Automation Technology for software searches.
Membership Database Software
eBook for executives to learn about various architecture decisions in database software.
Open Source for Nonprofits
A review of the open source software options available to 501(c) 3 nonprofits and associations.
Nonprofits Beyond QuickBooks
Resource on how NPO's are using ERP.
Guide to Buying ERP
Resource for Nonprofits selecting ERP operations system.
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