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AMS Software Review: Noah Membership Software

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

NOAH Membership Software Review

In our “Search of a Membership Software Series”, we have prepared a quick look at the NOAH AMS Membership Software in this article. Please note that this summary is not intended to provide our full report but rather should serve as a quick overview of the NOAH membership software system. And, it is not a review of the 2021 release of AarwinMEP.

NOAH AMS Membership Software Review

We have prepared a detailed “Smart Report” for Association Executives who would like to learn more. If you would like our full report you may do so by contacting us below.

NOAH AMS Membership Software

Brief Summary of NOAH

NOAH is an Enterprise Association Management System developed by JL Systems, stuff founded in 1982. Per JL Systems, the intent of NOAH is that all functions are maintained in one database. NOAH is entirely web based for access anywhere and anytime.

NOAH Features:

• Membership Management • Email Communications Management • Committee Management • Chapter Management • E-Commerce (Self-Service, Customers, Dues Payments, Orders etc.) • Sponsors, Gifts, Pledges, & Donations Management • Finance Management • Meetings and Event Registration • E-Documents, Call for Papers, Minutes, Courses & Exams • Web Design & Integrated Content Management System • Hosting with Access Anywhere & Anytime • Online Join Process • Job Board • Survey Management

Where Does NOAH AMS Best Fit?

• Mid-Sized Associations • 15 or more staff • Associations who need deeper functionality and greater ability to configure than small range providers • Association which desires flexibility of subscription pricing and straight cost implementation

What is the NOAH Value Proposition?

  1. JL System provides a large set of features for a reasonable price.

  2. NOAH is particularly attractive for those organizations who would appreciate a personalized approach and “set price” service delivery method for implementation.

  3. NOAH offers a tremendous amount of depth and functionality in one integrated solution.

  4. NOAH is a Hosted solution

  5. JL Systems offers very strong financials and integration with Quickbooks.

  6. The membership database offers deep functionality and nice abilities to configure the system for those unique situations which require some tailoring.

Is Noah right for you? To answer that question, we have prepared a detailed “Smart Report” available for qualified executives interested in learning about our view of this database software.

To be sure, this comprehensive report is not a brochure or “marketing noise.” Rather, it’s a detailed report designed to help organizations gain a better understanding of the basic tenants of this software solution designed for associations. The report may be obtained as an access subscription and is available upon request.

Noah membership software review

Please note that you must be verified by our staff and entitles you to one free consultation to discuss the report. There is a one report limit per nonprofit.

Please stay tuned to our ongoing Searching for A Smart Membership Software software reviews where we will continue to provide further insights into other Membership Database Software and Donor database software options designed for 501(c) 3 organizations.

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If you work for a software vendor and have a software database system which you would like us to include in our software review process, please contact us. Until next time, keep SmartThoughts in mind.


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