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Membership Software Review of C-Insight by Blue Tahiti

Review of Blue Tahiti Membership Management Software

In our ongoing “Search of a Membership Software Series”, we have prepared a quick look at Blue Tahiti Membership Management Software in this membership software review. Please note that this summary below is not intended to provide our full report but rather should serve as a quick snapshot of the Blue Tahiti membership database software.

For those interested in learning more, we have prepared a detailed “Smart Report” for Nonprofit Executives who would like the full view.  The full report available upon request from Nonprofit Executives provides detailed information about the software product, company, and support in an easy to read question and answer format.

Review of Blue Tahiti

Membership Software 


For startups and even established companies, the name of a product or a company has significant meaning. That said, I always am inquisitive to know why an organization chooses their name. So, when reviewing Blue Tahiti, I was actually more interested because I am a fan of beaches etc. So, I had to know more. And, the answer…

Well, I was informed that when the founder, Philippe Werey, started Blue Tahiti, he wanted to utilize all of his background in working with data and analytics to create a software company that helps organizations bring together all of their information from disparate sources, consolidate it into an easy “point-and-click” interface, and allow them to quickly and easily analyze information, communicate with constituents and handle the operations of the organization.

Therefore, He chose the name “Blue Tahiti”, because he wanted a name that made people think of relaxation, contentment and the carefree spirit that comes in knowing all of your data and operations are taken care of. And, of course, he likes relaxation and carefree living himself!

Me too!

Further, when I inquired about the product name from Ann Witherspoon, Head of  Sales and Marketing in the US, she stated the following with regards to the product name “C-Insight”:

C-Insight was chosen as it universally represents all we strive to achieve for our clients; customized, consolidated and creative cloud-based insight into contacts, constituents, clients, corporations/companies, customers, communications, communities, committees, capital, courses, content etc.

In my mind, the name certainly has merits and captures in a small way the intent and fabric of the organization and the product. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this is so.

Brief Summary: 

C-Insight, by Blue Tahiti Software, is an innovative and powerful association management platform which is user-friendly and customized to meet your specific processes and data hierarchy requirements. Staff and constituents can access simple, secure online interfaces on any internet enabled device, to carry out all their daily tasks. The management of information and processes is made easy through the single centralized database which features real-time integration across all departments and directly with your website. The true 360° view brings a whole host of benefits for both staff and members. Great value and service is central to the Blue Tahiti offering.

Key Features which Blue Tahiti Software includes? 

  1. As a fully hosted, SaaS solution, C-Insight can be securely accessed from any internet enabled device and is fully mobile-ready.

  2. Blue Tahiti C-Insight’s database-driven architecture significantly reduces the impact of upgrades and facilitates seamless system growth.

  3. Customized modules fit your specific process and information hierarchy making it easy and intuitive.

  4. Real-time integration connects the single central database with all modules and website, providing a live 360° view.

  5. Member & Contact Management enables you to manage chapters, regions, corporate and individual records (including members and non-members). Create and track company/individual links. View all activity and transactions in one place.

  6. Directories integrate directly with the central database and include google map link.

  7. The Finance Module makes it simple to manage and view all payments, invoices, refunds and credit control. Formatted exports or API integration provides output for accounting package.

  8.  Donor Management enables donors to make donations through the website with all activity centrally tracked.

  9. The Events Module enables staff to build simple or complex events, including agendas, breakout sessions, presenters, questionnaires and pricing splits.

  10. The Learning Management Module enables staff to build certification programs and content, manage instructors, monitor progress and set automatic alerts /reminders.

  11. The E-Commerce area lets staff build shop items, apply date range specific promotion codes and track stock levels.

  12. The Committees & Workgroups module enables you to track and monitor participation and share documents.

  13. Marketing & Communications functions include a simple point and click function to build and save queries/segments for analysis or specific communications.

  14. The integrated email tool enables you to set up auto-renewal reminders, newsletters and other regular or ad-hoc communications.

  15. Reports across the platform feature live, role-specific dashboard reports. Users can also, with a single click, select from their library of live, customized reports and run them across the entire database or a specific segment.

  16. Website integration means that all modules can publish relevant content to the website (including registration/renewal forms, events, courses, shop items and questionnaires). All constituent touch points feed directly back to the database.

  17. The Member Portal allows constituents to login, update profiles, renew memberships, view activity/transaction history, complete forms, track professional development and more.

  18. Manageable fixed monthly costs include hosting, training, support and additional development time.

  19. User numbers and administrator permissions are not restricted and do not impact the costs.

Where does Blue Tahiti Software likely Fit?

  1. Small and Medium organizations that seek a customized/bespoke solution appropriate to their budget.

  2. Works well for those with multiple locations or who work ‘virtually’.

  3. Particularly suited to organizations with no internal technical staff, although can also support those who have.

  4. Organizations that have existing data across different databases and formats who require a single consolidated view.

  5. Those who want to manage their needs within one solution.

  6. Suitable for trade and other associations who run events, training and ongoing professional development.

  7. C-Insight’s capacity to handle multiple record types and linkages makes it suitable for organizations managing corporate, subsidiary, employee, family and other relationships.

Key Functional Areas of Blue Tahiti Association Software?

  1. Member/Contact Management

  2. Financial Management

  3. Event Management

  4. Learning Management

  5. Donor Management

  6. E-Commerce

  7. Committees & Groups

  8. Marketing/Communications

  9. Integrated email tool

  10. Selections/segmentation

  11. Reporting

A Quick View of Blue Tahiti Membership Software for Associations:

Blue Tahiti Software Review Find a Member

Do you want to learn more about Blue Tahiti Software for Membership Associations?

We have prepared a detailed “Smart Report” available for any Nonprofit Executive interested in learning about our view of this nonprofit software. Please take some time to request your complete “Smart Report” by clicking below:

Is Blue Tahiti The Best Membership Software for Your Association?

We don’t espouse to the belief that there is “one best AMS” for everyone. But, Blue Tahiti may very well be your best fit.

However, to answer this question with certainty, we need to know more about what makes you unique. And, discuss other insights about this platform which we have curated, clients interviewed, and discuss more detailed information beyond just this summary.

Please know that our detailed analysis and expertise is available upon request. To be sure, our software analysis is not a “pretty brochure”, “marketing noise.” or a “sales pitch.”

Rather, we provide a free objective dialogue and insights designed to help nonprofit executives make a smarter software business decision.

If you are interested in some help with reviewing your options and comparisons, please check out our “vendor matching” services here.

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Until next time, keep SmartThoughts in mind. Happy Software Buying!

Membership Management Software Review

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