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AMS Software Review of AMO Membership Management System

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

AMO Membership Management Software Review

Review of AMO AMS Membership System 

One of the more pleasurable aspects of my job is reviewing new software tools with clients and vendors. I may be a bit sick (which I do not deny), but for me it is a lot of fun to learn about all the Nonprofit and Membership Software solutions. And, that’s the core of what we do so I get to do it a lot!

In our recent research of membership products, we recently had the pleasure of reviewing the AMO software system and wanted to take some time to provide some insights to our followers of this particular Membership Management Software tool.

In this brief outline, we have compiled a few software facts about AMO,  Association Management Online, in hopes that you may get a brief taste for it. It is important to note, that this is not intended to provide a full review.

Rather, if you are looking for further more detailed information, please contact us below for a richer summary report we have to provide if interested in learning more.

Brief Summary of AMO Membership Software System

AMO is a cloud-based membership software for associations, non-profits, clubs and subscription websites. The slogan of AMO is “Membership Management Made Simple”. AMO is easy, friendly, & an all-in-one platform for busy membership managers.

What Features does AMO include?

  1. Membership Management

  2. Communications Management

  3. Donations Management

  4. Finance Management

  5. Event Registration

  6. Online Store

  7. Content Management System

  8. Custom Website Builder

  9. Online Payments

  10. Online Join Process

  11. Job Board

  12. Survey Management

Where does AMO Most Fit?

  1. Micro Size Associations (Less than 5 Staff)

  2. Association Management Companies (for ability to Manage Micro Size Associations)

  3. Membership Population of about 2000

AMO AMS Membership Software Key Strengths?

Association Management Online has unique membership management app specifically designed for Association Management Companies. You will appreciate the central administration and site branding that allow Association Management Online to be “their” membership management software platform.

Further, the company has a depth of expertise in web site design through their parent entity, Arc Stone. Arc Stone is a service oriented team of web experts that can design, program, host, and market your website for optimal exposure.

Demonstration overview of AMO?

Here is a brief overview of the AMO system online:

Is AMO AMS the Best Membership Software for Your Association?

We don’t espouse to the belief that there is “one best AMS” for everyone. But, AMO may very well be your best fit.

However, to answer this question with certainty, we need to know more about what makes you unique. And, discuss other insights about this platform which we have curated, clients interviewed, and discuss more detailed information beyond just this summary.

Please know that our detailed analysis and expertise is available upon request. To be sure, our software analysis is not a “pretty brochure”, “marketing noise.” or a “sales pitch.”

Rather, we provide a free objective dialogue and insights designed to help nonprofit executives make a smarter software business decision.

If you are interested in some help with reviewing your options and comparisons, please check out our “vendor matching” services here.

Want More AMS Membership Software Reviews?

Please stay tuned to our ongoing “Searching for A Smart AMS Software” where we will continue to provide further insights into membership database software options designed for our 501(c) 6 membership focused organizations.

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If you work for an AMS database software system and you would like us to include your firm in our software review process, please contact us.

Until next time, keep SmartThoughts in mind. Happy Software Buying! Until then, keep SmartThoughts in mind.

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