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An AMS Software Review of xCatalyst from ESX

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

In this AMS product report, SmartThoughts reviews ESX xCatalyst

In our “Search of a Membership Software Series”, we have prepared a quick look at the xCatalyst Membership system in this article.

Suffice it to say, we have curated, interviewed, and prepared more detailed information for executives employed in the not for profit association industry to set up a time to discuss at length. Our software reviews are designed for those who would like fair and objective insights into the capabilities of this AMS software for nonprofit program.

Our Sources: We have interviewed the xCatalyst ESX team, reviewed the solution in a brief overview, curated specific insights from the vendor, read through various website pages and read multiple reviews. This brief summary is a culmination of those insights.

Buyer Disclaimer: There are many unique things which this system can do that are not mentioned for sure here. And, some possible holes too.  So, be mindful of this fact. While we believe this is a good summary, this short review should not be your only source of the truth!

xCatalyst AMS Software Review

Brief Summary of xCatalyst AMS: 

xCatalyst is an enterprise Association Management System (AMS) built by ESX Inc.

Per ESX, Inc., xCatalyst is more than just Association Management Software. It is a single platform completely integrating the association database and member activities within an Associations website management.

Association Catalyst streamlines both front end and back-office operations. Members can easily enroll, renew, register and pay for events, update profiles and search the member directory. Association staff have access to an integrated web-based system for managing the member database and website operations.

Overall, the system is designed to manage your website, members, events, online application/renewals and communications.

After our review, there are many things to like about xCatalyst including the aspects described above, however, the system certainly seems very flexible and easy to use. The web-based aspect of the system is straightforward and intuitive.

And, the areas of functionality which it excels in seems to be Website Content Management, e-Commerce, Continuing Education, Membership, & Events Management. The communications capabilities and reporting (which is boosted by an add-on for more sophistication) rounds out the areas of expertise.

What Functional areas does xCatalyst AMS include? 

  1. Customer Relationship Management

  2. Membership Management – integrating membership profiles, enrollment and renewals, dues and payment processing, committee management, and membership directories with website and database functions

  3. Event Management – all aspects of event creation, registration, marketing and reporting

  4. Continuing Education – create and manage your continuing education course catalog

  5. Contact Management – integrated communication throughout the database and admin users, as well as website members as a whole or in sub-groups

  6. Web Content Management System (WCMS) – web content editing with intuitive software tools and automated publication workflow.

  7. Community Management – proven interactive applications that enable member-to-member interaction and member content generation, as well as administering member management through the command center.

  8. Communication – a powerful group of communication tools that will boost your organization’s capabilities to keep your constituents engaged, connected and informed.

  9. E-Commerce – provides a full-featured product catalog and online shopping cart application; integrating E-Commerce with dynamic forms, allows you to easily charge the customer a fee as the form is submitted

  10. Search Engine Optimization built-in features are designed to improve organic search engine ranking.

Where does xCatalyst Software Best Fit?

  1. Mid-Size organizations

  2. Fits well in Associations, Educational Institutions, & Nonprofit Organizations

  3. Organizations which would benefit from a flexible customizable platform

Key Strengths of xCatalyst AMS?

  1. All in one solution

  2. Priced competitively

  3. Customization and tailoring of the system is available

  4. Proven implementation process and experienced team

  5. Integration partners to extend solution if needed

  6. Creative Design and full content management system integrated

  7. Continuing Education capabilities of the system

  8. Client retention at 95%

ESX, Inc. offers a total solution. Their core experience in web development, workflow automation and Windows application development ensures their clients have the foundational experience to meet unique needs and software requirements. While a Software as a Service, they still are able to deliver technology and proven methodology to construct systems that are tailored to your business objectives.

Is xCatalyst AMS the Best Membership Software for your Association?

xCatalyst may very well be your best fit.

However, to answer this question with certainty, we need to know more about what makes you unique. And, discuss other insights about this platform which we have curated, clients interviewed, and discuss more detailed information beyond just this summary.

Please know that our detailed analysis and expertise is available upon request. To be sure, our software analysis is not a “pretty brochure”, “marketing noise.” or a “sales pitch.”

Rather, we provide a free objective dialogue and insights designed to help nonprofit executives make a smarter software business decision.

If you are interested in some help with reviewing your options and comparisons, please check out our “vendor matching” services here.

Want More AMS Membership Software Reviews?

Please stay tuned to our ongoing “Searching for A Smart AMS Software” where we will continue to provide further insights into membership database software options designed for our 501(c) 6 organizations.

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If you work for an AMS database software system and you would like us to include your firm in our software review process, please contact us.

Until next time, keep SmartThoughts in mind. Happy Software Buying!

Until then, keep SmartThoughts in mind.

A SmartThought review of xCatalyst from ESX Software


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