AMS Software Review of MemberLeap

Is MemberLeap right for you? The developers and advocates of MemberLeap, believe that it is!

MemberLeap AMS Software Review

We are excited to share this quick look at a long time player in the AMS software market, MemberLeap, an Association Management Software, designed for small to midsize trade and professional associations from Vieth Consulting.

For those interested in learning more about MemberLeap beyond this summary, we are available to share with you our thoughts about this membership software and others and how it fits into the larger membership software market today.

Suffice it to say, we have curated, interviewed, and prepared more detailed information for executives employed in the not for profit association industry to set up a time to discuss at length. Our software reviews are designed for those who would like fair and objective insights into the capabilities of this AMS software for nonprofit program.

Our Sources: Over the course of a decade or so, we have worked with the executive team at MemberLeap team many times to help our clients review their solution. Therefore, we believe that we have a good foundation of knowledge about their executive team, culture, and customer service reputation.

That said, we have reviewed the solution mostly online and reviewed online demonstration overviews with their team and our clients, curated specific insights from the vendor for various use cases, read through countless software website pages, & read testimonials from peer to peer reviews as well.

This brief summary is a culmination of those insights.

Buyer Disclaimer: It can’t go without saying, there are many unique things which this system can do that are not mentioned. And, some possible holes too. Therefore, be mindful of this fact. While we believe this is a good summary, this short review should not be your only source of the truth!

Introduction to MemberLeap AMS Software:

Vieth Consulting, makers of MemberLeap software, is a web design and software development company owned and operated by Chris Vieth. They have been assisting member-based organizations discover membership solutions since 2000.

During that time, they have specialized in custom-built websites that are specifically designed for membership organizations, associations, and commercial businesses that are seamlessly integrated with MemberLeap, their association management software.

As of 2022, Vieth is currently partnering with more than 725 organizations in eight countries (United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Haiti, Mexico, South Africa, and United Kingdom) with over 1.4 million members having access to their software. Their headquarters is in Grand Ledge, MI.

Per LinkedIn, MemberLeap now has an estimated 18 plus employees. Since 2000, they have had a steady growth and appear to take care of their employees long term. And, have many employees that have over 10 plus years of experience.

The 911 on MemberLeap AMS Software:

MemberLeap is an all in one association management software system that includes many cloud-based modules and their respective features that can assist member-based organization efficiently manage their day-to-day operational needs, designed so that associations can be better prepared to reach their organization's membership and revenue goals.

MemberLeap is a simple-to-use solution for many types of organizations:

  • Associations

  • Non-Profits

  • Societies

  • Chapters

  • Alumni Groups

  • Civic Organizations

  • Member Communities

  • Event-based Groups

  • Homeowners Associations

  • Condo Associations

  • Real Estate Development Associations

  • Clubs

MemberLeap Functional Summary:

  • Member Management

  • Communication

  • Responsive Website Content Management

  • Event Management including Zoom Interface

  • E-Commerce

  • Fundraising

  • Education

  • Mobile Application

  • Web Hosting Services

  • Online Membership Portal

  • Financial Management including support for numerous payment processing companies

  • Template, Custom Websites or Integration to your existing website

Where Does MemberLeap AMS Fit?

This AMS software is best suited for membership focused organizations. 

Generally speaking, the demographic profile of an organization who will likely fit this AMS comprise of some of the following traits, qualities, & interests:

  1. Non-profit membership focused organization with 2 or more staff. But, MemberLeap supports all sizes of organizations and offers many different membership types that include organizational and individual.

  2. Membership focused organization that wants more flexibility in website design. 

  3. Nonprofits who seek an all in one solution packed with many functions rather than relying on "best of breed" options.

  4. Executives that need a quick deployment.

  5. Organizations that desire to work with a boutique development partner rather than a large software developer.

How Much Does MemberLeap Membership Software Cost?

From a pure financial perspective, this solution is a competitive value.

As of 2/2022, please find some characteristics & rule of thumbs for the pricing model:

  1. They have a very simple pricing structure that is predictable and yet scalable. Your monthly MemberLeap fee is based on the total number of member records requiring usernames and passwords in your database. It is truly a month-to-month lease subscription, and you are not locked into a long term contract.

  2. Each plan includes: Unlimited non-member records, Unlimited administrative-level users, Unlimited number of members with admin privileges for various modules, Unlimited email-based customer service support.

  3. Each plan includes a different number of features and benefits.

  4. The overall pricing consists of the Month-to-Month Lease Subscription, features desired, & initial web design set up package. The web design and set up costs range from $1,800 for template approach to $7,500 for custom package. Please note that with a template, you are limited in the amount of flexibility to make changes within the scope of the package; but for many organizations this is a great option to save money. The alternative is a fully custom designed website.

Pricing Example: