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We are a Software Advisement & Consulting Firm Which Helps Executives Make Smarter Software Decisions.

Specialists in CRM Software, Membership Software, Financials ERP, Marketing Technology & Donor Database Software.

Software Advice Services: 

The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that.It is the will to prepare to win that is important.

Coach Bobby Knight

Software Asessments

  • Analyze your current database

  • Review human and process factors involved

  • Review impact areas of inefficiencies and where your doing well

  • Review with your team members their goals and what they use to facilitate their respective jobs

  • Develop a practical, yet progressive, systems plan that will help your organization achieve its goals and fulfill its mission.

We help organizations develop a sensible database strategy that ensures your budget is well spent and your staff has the systems they need to serve your members and constituents best.


Software Selection

  • CRM Software

  • Membership Software

  • Financials ERP

  • Donor Database Software

  • Marketing Automation Software 

  • Agnostic Assessment and Software Selection! 

  • Software Reviews 

We Help Organizations make Smarter Software Business Decisions. 

Could You Benefit from Our Help?

Ask These Questions.

  • Are you struggling to know where to begin or embark on finding a new software solution for your nonprofit? 

  • Can this task be delegated to someone who can “Challenge” the status quo and gain consensus?

  • Does your team have a good grasp of the requirements and obtain the ones which are needed?

  • Can you afford to make a wrong software decision? 




It is easy to get a thousand prescriptions but hard to get one single remedy.

Chinese Proverb


Software Vendor Match

Vendor Matching is brief software selection project for those who need minimal help in either getting started, vendor research or making a decision at the end of their search.  

  • Short 10 Hour engagement. 

  • Minimal investment 

  • Used to get started on the right foot in your search

  • Use us our expertise at the end of your search to help validate your software decision.   

Focused,Experienced & 

Agnostic Consulting

We work for you-Not Software Vendors

Free Software Advice

In our free call, we will take the time to assess your situation and guide you in the right path.


Will this be sufficient enough time for everyone?


No. In fact, depending on your situation you may need to perform an assessment or we may need a few more hours to discern the right fit for you. To be sure, we get paid for our knowledge and expertise in helping nonprofits find software. However, we realize that not everyone requires or desires our full engagement services.


However, with our free software advice, we extend an experienced resource to any nonprofit contemplating decisions such as these:

  • Are you prepared to take on a software selection project 

  • Help with setting expectations about what a system can do for your situation

  • Brief guidance on which software options make sense based on your budget

  • Help with the start of your selection process

  • Am I making a good choice with the options I am reviewing 


Resource Library

Selection of a nonprofit software solution is a critical decision with major strategic and financial implications. As nonprofits (501c 3’s and associations) move toward using digital media to interact with members at a deeper level, the database plays a critical role.

The fundamental goal of our site is to provide useful resources specifically tailored to the nonprofit executive seeking database software for their nonprofit. On this site, we provide answers to questions such as where to begin your search to find database software for your nonprofit, what are some popular software for nonprofits,  and how should a nonprofit assess readiness and embark on a smart technology exploration.

To that end, we will strive to continually educate and provide content through various utility tools and information which will help in that mission. This is an ongoing mission, so please check back regularly to see what we may have new.

Please take a few moments to review the resources which we provide below:


Sample Clients 

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Member Software for Associations
Membership Management Software Review Services
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Softwre Vendor Matching Used by Safe States Alliance
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Database Software Review
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C200 Software Vendor Match
CRM for Association
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Best AMS Software Selection


National Wood Flooring Association

“SmartThoughts knowledge of systems and the various business models of association & nonprofits enables him to work with Executives navigating the market of AMS solutions. The field is vast, and we felt confident that his unbiased expertise would lead us down the right path."

Membership Director


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