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Smart Thoughts

We Succeed By Helping You Look Brilliant!

Helping Buyers, Sellers, & Service Providers connect in the spirit of collaboration to provide solutions. 

We Help Buyers Buy Better & Sellers Sell Smarter! 

SmartThoughts LLC.  works with software buyers and sellers in the spirit of collaboration to match the right software and service resources needed to succeed in their mission. 




Click below to check out our 3 business units below: 

Smart Marketing

Smarketing Services

We provide the technology you require along with the sales & marketing insights needed to obtain delighted customer advocates!

We Help with Strategy, Product Positioning, & Inbound Tactics! 




  • What marketing and sales systems do you need for CRM, marketing automation, analytics, website/content management to reach more clients? 

  • What resources do you need in place now to help achieve your conversion goals? 

  • Does your new business development team know your competitors and the positioning of your organization? 

  • Do you know what works and what does not to attract, convert, and delight customers today?

Smart Software Advice

Software Advice

We Help Organizations make Smarter Software Business Decisions. 



  • CRM Software

  • Membership Software

  • Donor Database Software

  • Marketing Automation Software 

  • Agnostic Assessment and Software Selection! 

  • Software Reviews 


Need Help with Your Software Selection & Assessment Project?




  • Are you struggling to know where to begin or embark on finding a new software solution for your nonprofit? 

  • Can this task be delegated to someone who can “Challenge” the status quo and gain consensus?

  • Do we have a good grasp of the requirements?

  • Can you afford to make a wrong software decision? 

Resource Library for Nonprofit Executives



You Need a Smart Team To Play Beautiful Music 

Consultant Directory

Consulting Directory

  • CRM Software Implementers

  • Membership Software Specialists 

  • Donor Database Software Experts 

  • NP Focused Directory of Technology Providers  

We Help Nonprofits locate & secure the service partner (s) specialists needed in order to utilize your investment smarter. 




We Help in Securing Qualified Consultants for Your Project!




  • Are you struggling to find a nonprofit consulting partner or limiting yourself to just one source of support  from the software vendor? 

  • Do you need a reputable consulting resource to help with software project management skill, training, system set-up, or even report writing? 

  • Can you afford to go through the hiring process to staff a project internally? 

Sample Clients 

Membership Association
Membership Software for Associations
Membership System Customer
Membership Software for ALOA
Membership Management Software Customer of SmartThoughts
Membership Software for ALOA
Membership Software Customer of SmartThoughts
Membership Management Software


Sample of Clients


“SmartThoughts knowledge of systems and the various business models of association & nonprofits enables him to work with Executives navigating the market of AMS solutions. The field is vast, and we felt confident that his unbiased expertise would lead us down the right path."

Membership Director, National Association

“SmartThoughts did a very good job helping us select an AMS. They are knowledgeable, professional and prompt with answers."

Deputy Executive Director, State Membership Based Association 

" Throughout the course of working together, they have always been a trusted software adviser. Unlike "Paid by the Lead" software advice, SmartThoughts is professional, responsive, and has proven to be a valuable resource when called upon for help or advice. I would recommend SmartThoughts to anyone seeking an experienced & objective software adviser to help them assess & select the best software fit for their organization." 

Former Executive Director, Current CIO, National Nonprofit Organization

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