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Top 10 Key Benefits of Email Marketing Software for NPO’s

Email Marketing Automation for Membership Organizations can help improve membership and retention issues. Find answers here.

Email marketing is arguably the most successful, long-term online marketing strategy today. Period. In this article, I will provide the reasons why you should consider email marketing service providers to handle your bulk email responsibilities.

Starting an email marketing campaign with the right email marketing software increases its effectiveness by capitalizing on its efficiency. The least amount of time is takes for your staff to run the system, the greater your opportunity for member engagement and awareness to be realized in your association and the more opportunities for your staff to truly understand the needs of your members.

Many associations have realized that “off-the-shelf” in-house systems are archaic and have opted for software-as-a service hosted email marketing packages such as Informz.

Like all expenditures of an association, the bottom line cost is always an issue when deploying software. However, you always get what you pay for, right!

10 Key Benefits of Email Marketing Software 

With email marketing software, you may receive the following benefits:

  1. Improved email deliverability-If your members are not getting your message, what is the use of sending.

  2. Web-based platform so your staff can send from anytime and anywhere.

  3. Powerful analytics that track everything from opens and clicks to what type of mobile device your members read your email on.

  4. Robust integration that extends the value of your association management system (AMS or EMS).

  5. Member Data and targeted lists created in your member database can be accessed from within your Email Marketing System when conducting email campaigns — in real-time.

  6. Personalization is critical and being able to use with your association or engagement management software platform is a must have! 

  7. Subscriber actions (unsubscribes, opt-outs, opens, clicks) are written back to your AMS so you can view in the contact record.

  8. Versatility: The ability for chapter groups to create and publish emails.

  9. Database Integration is likely the most pressing issue for most Association Executives.

  10. Better Send rates are usually to follow with email marketing service providers.

Database Integration is simply imperative. The most impactful will be the segmentation and the write backs of information such as who clicked on what link, when they opened up your email, and if they opted in/or out of your correspondence. In the age of holistic associations, it’s important that everyone knows more about your members communication requests and history.

Email marketing isn’t the wave of the future. It is the wave of the here and now. Starting an email marketing campaign begins with the right software.

Until you implement an Email Mail Marketing solution, it’s not likely you can advance to true Marketing Automation. The next topic of another conversation!

Please contact us for more information about developing an email marketing system that works for you.

Need to satisfy your appetite for marketing automation for members?


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