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Social Collaboration: Strong Roots for Non-Profit Organizations

Social Collaboration Community Platforms

In the non-profit sector, success is defined by a different set of rules than those that govern most corporations. While money is always useful and needed, it isn’t the gold standard of success; and while reputation is important, it isn’t the only marker of success. For a non-profit organization to be truly successful, it has to utilize a strategy that is social, mobile, local, and collaborative (SOMOLOCO). In this article, we discuss how and why.

Social Collaboration: Strong Roots

for Non-Profit Organizations

Cross-Organizational Collaboration

Non-profit isn’t about competition. It’s about working together to achieve a common goal. That’s why software that supports collaboration between different organizations is so crucial: it can make data-sharing so much more efficient. After all, why have six different people in six different organizations all working independently on the same problem when they can use one integrated program to work together on it?

In-House Social Adaptability

Efficiency within individual organizations can be maximized with a quality social collaboration program as well. The same database that can allow organizations to share information with one another can also enable employees and volunteers within your organization to communicate more quickly and effectively. Whether you are raising awareness or raising funds, effective local communication can mean the difference between a successful event and a nightmare.

Executive Sponsorship

All the best SOMOLOCO software in the world will only do a marginal amount of good if the top dogs in your organization aren’t willing to work with you to change the culture of your workplace. Executives have to give the people who make the organization work on a day-to-day basis more opportunities for productive socialization, and the freedom to take risks and be creative. After all, a tool is only as good as the people using it.

Selecting Your Best Software Fit 

Your definition of success, as a non-profit organization, is more about the lives you can change than the change in your pocket. To achieve that kind of real, lasting success with deep roots, I believe that you have to integrate a SOMOLOCO system (strategy, people, & tools) that maximizes your collaborative efforts.

What does collaboration effectiveness mean to your nonprofit? What software tools are required to help your definition?

SmartThoughts can help you find the software that will get your organization moving and making real social progress — after all, that’s what true social collaboration is about.


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