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Should an Organization Focus on Email Marketing Or Social Media?

Good Question? Social Media or Email Marketing Automation is a tough choice? Or, is it?

Social Media is more than just a buzzword. Certainly, personal users in the Social Media world have noticed the influx of businesses and organizations who have created a business account to interact with their customers. Businesses use Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and perhaps Instagram but compared to email marketing which platform is more effective?

Social Media has been used to create a community with customers, advertise promotions, and even promote giveaways. However, according to Andrew Paul from Email Answers, purchases made because of email marketing is now ranked at “7%.” Furthermore, goods and services acquired through email marketing has increased by fourfold. Compared to email marketing social channels trail considerably behind.

How to Benefit From These Statistics?

Have a Strategy for Mobile Email Marketing – Keep in mind that your email marketing needs to be formatted for cellular phones. About half of all customers check email on their “smartphone.” These facts are important because “65%” of those who use smartphones will opt out of your emails if there are “rendering issues or [your email] doesn’t look right on their mobile device.” It is imperative to ensure that all email messages sent to consumers will render correctly on all smartphones.

Continue to Do What Works –  Many companies want to be the “first” to try the latest and greatest “social website or new marketing strategy.” However, this can become problematic when you lose sight of established marketing practices like having:

  1. Your website appear on the first or second page of search results

  2. A well written blog that is updated frequently

  3. A well proven email marketing plan

Is Using Social Media Effective At All? Let’s consider Coca-Cola’s Facebook account. Currently, Coke has over 50 million fans on Facebook, but how many of these followers receive one of their many status updates? 

How about 5%? If Coca-Cola wants to attempt to reach the other 95% of their Facebook fans, they will have to pay Facebook to do so…  This isn’t 2008 and the perceived ‘Like’ value isn’t what you think it is.  Likes are worthless, well almost worthless.

So, with that in mind should social media be thrown to the wayside at your small association? Of course not; just keep in mind there are more effective ways to market to your customers, and put your focus on those strategies first. Also, if you need assistance with finding the right private cloud or looking to explore an email marketing solution, please contact us.

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