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How Video Email can impact engagement at NPO’s

Video Email for NPO's can be  they key to increased relationships

I truly enjoy reading about and seeing software which significantly helps create value, grow revenue, & create competitive advantage. In this article, I discuss how the use of video email in your email marketing process may help increase engagement with members at every level of your relationship funnel.

The Impact of Video Email 

In this new world of connectivity, I believe that your nonprofit needs to always be contemplating new strategies for engaging with current and potential donors in order to create a thriving community. And, one such tool worthy of consideration in  your efforts to help in this effort may be the use video email.

What is Video email? Video email is the term for the use of email to send videos such that the recipient feels the video is being watched inside the video. This is differentiated from a video file as an email attachment or a hyperlink to video elsewhere on the internet.

So, why is video so engaging? Let’s me share some facts.

  1. People retain 10% of the information they read because reading only stimulates the visual sense.

  2. Over a twelve-month period, media containing video is shown to generate six times as many click-throughs than that media without video.

  3. Online video viewing has now surpassed television viewing, 84% to 83%.

  4. Some reports show that a customer viewing a video converted at a 400% increase compared to those who did not.

These are all pretty convincing, right?

Relationships Through Video: 

For nonprofits, developing relationships are paramount. And, developing Relationships Through Video (RTV) is about getting face to face with more people more often. RTV is largely about nurturing. It’s about repeating the message and continually developing advocates. All of these are goals which in my mind are certainly congruent with the objectives of most membership directors and development officers, agreed?

By combining the power of video to tell emotionally compelling stories with the reach and connectivity of an email, your nonprofit can create a video email campaign that:

  1. Creates and fosters a thriving, loyal online community

  2. Grows your member and donor base

  3. Attracts more members, supporters & advocates

Using video to tell your nonprofit’s story has an additional benefit: you will likely find that your staff and your volunteers will become re-energized. This is because they, too, respond to compelling stories. And, your videos will remind them in a very powerful way that the work they do is very important – it’s work that is changing the world. And, likely the reason why they went to work for your organization as well. Need a little help understanding how this may work? Below you will find some ideas to put in play at your nonprofit now and the benefits you should anticipate.

10 Examples of Using Video Email at your NPO

  1. Newsletters: Send weekly newsletters & updates

  2. Devotionals: Send mid-week devotionals

  3. Appeals: A Video to “paint” a real life portrait of your impact

  4. Greeting Cards: Send holiday & special occasion greetings

  5. Event Attendees: Follow up with new attendees

  6. New Member: Welcome new members

  7. Event Announcements: Send event invitations & reminders

  8. Donor Receipts: There is no better way to show appreciation than personally

  9. Target: Send targeted messages to specific groups

  10. Mission Updates: Share updates on missions, projects, & goals

Top Benefits of using Video Email at your NPO: 

  1. Build relationships with future donors

  2. Attract corporate & philanthropic donors

  3. Convert donors to advocates that spread your story

  4. Recognize and thank your volunteers & donors

  5. Gather feedback from your community

  6. Grow your volunteer base

  7. Generate buzz – locally, regionally & nationally

  8. Create more real-world engagement

I believe that the combination of the personalization and measurability that email marketing provides and the increased interactions produced by the inclusion of video email creates a marketing tool that is truly remarkable for nonprofits. But, don’t take my word for it. Many nonprofit executives believe video in email marketing makes whatever you are currently doing better as well.

If you have not yet explored using video in your marketing or ongoing donor nurture campaigns, a great place to start is finding an email marketing service which concentrates on relationship building (RTV).

It’s easier than you think! You simply need a good service such as BombBomb, CoVideo, or Switch Merge for Video to get you started. Or, even your Marketing Automation service provider may be able to accommodate within it’s email offering. Check it out! I don’t believe you will be disappointed.

And, if you need help in selecting the right software selection for you, please contact us to learn more. Until then, keep SmartThoughts in mind.

This Email Marketing eBook outlines the benefits of and how to use Email more effectively.


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