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Getting Costs Down with Association Management Software

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Association Membership Software l

Having the ability to communicate with members is an important characteristic of high-quality association management software. This is especially true for nonprofit organizations. In this article, I discuss some value associated with many Association Management Software today.

Association Management Software Value: Communications

Do you know the term “Exigent Increase”?  Per USPS, an “exigent increase” is an increase based on “exceptional circumstances.” The last time an “exigent increase” occurred was in 2014. And, according to The NonProfit Times

“The exigent rate increase proposal filed with the USPS … blamed sluggish mail and plummeting revenue on the recession.”

This rate increase was subsequently approved and the new rates took effect on January 26, 2014. This example underscores that at any time your nonprofit association could have as little as a couple of months to scramble to find the funds to pay for the increases—or to consider some new ways of doing business more effectively.

If you still handle most of your association’s communications via direct mail , it’s time to consider going digital with your association management software.

Association Management Software Benefits Mailings 

Many powerful association management software system can enhance most of your direct mail needs, and go a long way in improving your snail mail communication processes. For example, the CRM component found in online membership software can specialize your marketing programs, targeting specific groups of constituents, such as those who attended your recent continuing education conference.

With an AMS, you can fundraise with ease, sending tailored messages to individuals, and even send a series of messages that will arrive when you need them to, rather than having Letter #3 arrive before Letter #2 because the postal service lost Letter #2 on the sorting floor somewhere in Texas.

Association Management Software and Government Relations 

In addition,  many AMS ships with Postal Verification Software which allows your organization to easily match addresses within your member database against the National Database of Addresses from Group 1. If matched, the postal verification capabilities will update your donor and member records, with Zip + 4, carrier route, delivery point, and optional county name with Congressional District.

You may verify all addresses in your database or verify data as it’s being entered. With this capability, your database would qualify to receive the maximum allowable discounts from the U. S. Postal Service. And, depending on the amount of mailings you perform, this could prove to be a substantial savings.

Association Management Software Helps with Personality Branding

Along with the saving capabilities of Association Management Software, your organization’s personality is expressed through communication too. This allows members to experience the human side of your NPO. Quality software assists you in creating and distributing information that portrays your organization’s personal qualities. It provides a platform to connect with members on a human level.

Understanding the significance of communication features helps you choose the right membership software for your NPO. The best nonprofit membership management software provides user-friendly methods for you to communicate with members. It is helpful to have simple ways to capture, store, and send communications to your entire membership community. These features could determine the success of your membership program.

Take time to evaluate your communication needs and ensure the software you choose provides adequate solutions.

Many Association Management software programs are so powerful that you will be able to see many cost savings in your communication outreach programs.

To learn more about how the right AMS software can revolutionize your nonprofit, contact us today.

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