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3 Quick Ways a 501c3 Can Excel with Software

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

How a 501c3 can achieve results with fundraising software?

Achieving Software Success At a 501c3 Non Profit

What Should Fundraising Software Be Today? 

  1. IntegratedFundraising Software is designed to integrate and consolidate all of your needed tools into one quick and easy-to-use software solutio.

  2. All in One: Your Website and management software should become one seem-less platform.

  3. Self Service: Transacting business with your organization should be either available via self-service or easily processed by staff.

  4. 3rd Party Support: Productivity applications like Outlook, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word files are stored and available as needed for your constituents.

  5. Collaboration: Collaboration via social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube cam be found on your store front: Your Web site.

  6. Easy to Use: Your management software should be the hub of all data to flow.

  7. Accessible: Cloud software provides access anytime and anywhere in order to run your nonprofit.

3 Ways Software Designed for 501c3’s can Help

Increased Productivity

These are some of the common abilities that nonprofit software is able to provide to any organization. Being able to open all your software documents in one location gives you and your employees the advantage of reducing time to access so many different files. This gives you an immediate increase in productivity as well as stimulating team work. For small organizations, a Cloud Software Solution is becoming a standard for many associations as a way to increase productivity as well as reducing costs.

Increased Community

Accessing social media (Private or Public like Facebook/Twitter) allows your organization to reach out to the community in new and interactive ways. Placing these tools into an membership software suite, allows your association a manner to quickly and efficiently post growth expectations or contribution contests stimulating community involvement.

Cloud Architecture for Increased Access by Every Stakeholder 

With a Cloud nonprofit software offering you may store your data for access from remote locations with either mobile devices or a laptop or a desktop. The Cloud can safely store sensitive data for backup. You can also organize IT services in one Cloud based solution.

If you are exploring nonprofit software in order to reach your goals, please contact us for more information on how to objectively and efficiently find what your organization requires.

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