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The Beauty of Analytics within Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Analytics in Marketing Automation Software for Nonprofits

As any marketer knows, analytics are the key to success. Evaluating the success of your various strategies and tactics is crucial to understanding what went right, what bears repeating, and what needs to be adjusted. All those aspects may even be directly tied to your job security, right? In this article, I will review a beautiful benefit of many leading marketing automation software platforms; marketing analytics.

The Top Marketing Automation Software for Nonprofits Provide Strong Analytics

If you are a marketer, you also know that success metrics can be difficult to come by. Even once you’ve determined what constitutes “success” for your marketing campaign, how do you actually compile the data from all of your sources and measure that success? That’s where marketing automation software for nonprofits comes into play and may provide a better picture for you.

Analytics-Based Marketing Automation Software

First, it’s important to note that marketing automation software like HubSpot, ACT-On, Boingnet & Lead Liaison etc. all provide some level of analytics in their platform. Each software tool, from emails to calls to action, landing pages and blog posts, and almost every marketing automation feature is directly attached to a set of numbers that indicate results. In some cases, with a single click, marketers can find their average email open and click-through rates, web visits, and conversions. Beautiful, isn’t it?

For this article, I am going to briefly underscore how Hubspot one of the most popular Marketing Automation Software technologies tackles the concept of marketing analytics and integrates it into planning.

An Example, HubSpot’s Campaigns Tool

HubSpot’s Campaigns tool is absolutely crucial to success. Here, marketers can set up the timelines and goals for their marketing automation campaigns. These goals range from top-of-the-funnel objectives like web visits, all the way down to how many members or donors (customers) the campaign actually created.

After setting a timeline and goals, marketers can associate individual elements like blogs, emails, landing pages, calls to action, website visitor tracking and much more with the campaign. If your marketing automation includes social media or PPC marketing, you can even create individual tracking URLs that report their traffic directly to the Campaigns tool. For marketers, simply navigating to the campaign means finding all success metrics they could ask for, from general progress toward goals to the success of individual emails and other tools associated with the campaign.

In addition, HubSpot’s marketing analytics tools make it easy to calculate the ROI of everything you do in your marketing universe. Every channel and every touch point with your prospective supporters is boiled down to the most important metrics – the number and quality of leads (supporters) and customers (members and donors) it actually drives – and it all happens automatically.

The best marketing automation software for nonprofits requires good analytics

The Top Marketing Automation Software for Nonprofits

To be sure, HubSpot offers a great solution for many organizations to get on top of marketing with data analytics. But it’s important to know that there are many other marketing automation software available for nonprofits as well. And, as the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.

ACT-On, Boingnet Lead Liaison, Informz, eTrigue, Eloqua or Marketo (and many of the other 70 plus capable marketing platforms) offer some form of marketing analytics in their software tools which allow marketers to measure the tangible progress of their marketing campaign efforts. Further, each offer other features which may or may not be a smart fit for your nonprofit. Indeed, there are many technology options which could make your campaigns look beautiful too! In a way, that’s the irony of beauty here.

If you’re a marketer who’s interested in integrating more structured analytics into your marketing automation efforts, we can help you find the best marketing automation software for your nonprofit!

Contact us to discover the options and possibilities. Until then, keep SmartThoughts in mind.

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