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Do You Wish You Had Jessie’s Membership Software?

Membership Management Software like any software isn't perfect. Finding a new tool isn't like getting a new girlfriend.

Come on! If you were around in the 80’s, you know you sang along to Rick Springfield’s “Jessie Girl”, right? Heck, you may even have watched old Rick on General Hospital.

No, this article is not about Rick Springfield, rather a quick look at some stats and key findings about Association Management Software which I found interesting and wanted to share with you. The findings made me think about the problem with expectations and comparison.

Further, it made me ultimately think about the problem with wanting something perceived to be better before you truly know it is or not. For those who weren’t around (or would rather forget they were involved in the “80’s”), I have provided a “refresher” at the end just for you, enjoy!

Listen to Rick With Your Membership Software?

Much unhappiness is caused by comparison

Well, now that we have digressed a bit down memory lane and/or sparked a resurgence in “Who the heck is Rick Springfield?” the hunk of this article rests in the idea that a tremendous amount of unhappiness may be caused by comparison.

So why do we compare? In many cases, comparison or the desire to have something else is often linked to some form of insecurity or fear. It’s the idea that someone or something is better than what you have. After all, the only way to compare is to lift something up and diminish something else. If something is better than what you have, then there is certainly something that’s worse .

In the case of software, does that mean that all are equal? No. So, how do we avoid comparison in software?

First, we need to realize that it’s just code written by people. And, the truth is every software program has a unique value proposition, strengths, cons, looks different, and have different people supporting it. Fundamentally, they were written from a unique foundation and sought to provide a new way to solve a problem better than the alternative.

Before you covet, let’s look at the facts folks

Guess what? 60% of associations do recommend their current Membership Management software. Surprising? Yes, despite the recent articles, the majority of Association Executives from this survey would recommend their current Association Management Software. If you haven’t seen this graphic before, below you will find a recent study for by Bear Analytics which may help you picture the numbers. has provided data on Membership Database Software in your search for AMS Software.

Is CRM Satisfaction better or worse than AMS satisfaction? 

Quite frankly, the 60% number was more than I would ever have expected. In fact, the numbers were so high that I took some time to look at some other research data provided on CRM, Customer Relationship Management Software.  I have a lot of roots in CRM software and felt like this may provide some good insights here. And, according to a Software Advice survey done on a comparable size group (about 300), only 39% of CRM users stated they were happy with their existing CRM tool. Wow! Association Executives like their software 21% better than CRM users like their software.

In a recent survey performed, CRM Satisfaction is less than Association Management Software by 20%

The Solution May be What You Have

In light of the good report, Association Executives should take some comfort in these numbers. In that spirit, I encourage the 60% of respondents who would recommend their solution to take a few moments to enjoy it! Send an email into your vendors customer support just to say “Thanks” rather than “Calling” just when things go wrong.  For the 40% who don’t, there are options out there which may be better suited for you as well. And, know that we just need to help you find the right “Fit”. There are good options to be explored!

People, Processes, and Technology 

However, we must realize that there is no technology out there which can overcome bad training, bad processes, or bad data. As stated before, often times when systems suck, it’s not about the database software in place. Rather, failure stems from the impact of poor processes and poorly trained resources. Success may simply be achieved by training your team to know how to use what they have better.

Listen to Rick!

Don’t wish you had “Jessie’s AMS”. Let’s switch the radio frequency in our minds. In fact, I suggest a new song from the classic Mr. Stephen Stills called “Love the One your With“.

Do you Love the Membership software you are with!

Go ahead! Take a moment and relive those 80’s glory days! 


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