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Seeking the Best AMS Association Membership Software? Check this out.

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Top 10 Checklist for Searching for Membership Software

Top 10 Checklist To Find

Association Membership Software Search

We often get the question, “Where do we start our membership management software search?” In this article, we would like to provide a quick checklist for association executives embarking on a review of nonprofit association membership software.

When evaluating new options for a membership software, the best sage advice is simply to consider looking at your organization in the mirror first. It’s critical that you assess your needs before heading out to search for a solution.

In other words, begin with a focus on what are your strengths and what are your needs. When I think about this response, the old Michael Jackson song , Man in the Mirror, comes to mind below: 

Help in Finding the Best AMS Membership Software 

Therefore, before the association membership software search even begins, here is a quick checklist to contemplate:

  1. Requirements: Have you a good idea of your strategy, requirements, and budget?

  2. Infrastructure and Integration: Can I host internally or externally via the Cloud? What Systems do we need to keep and possibly integrate with?

  3. Accounting: Big question which is often left undetermined until the end. Cash or Accrual? It can be a killer. 

  4. Membership Structure: Consider your membership structure and the services you provide. If you must constantly match special pricing for members to a system of ranking and pricing schemes, you need software that will do it for you.

  5. Event Management: Think about how managing events might be especially critical to your association’s mission and work. How complex is your event planning as regards workshops, vendor invitations, speakers, volunteers and sponsors?

  6. Communications: Factor in the importance and frequency of communicating with your members. You should look for software that easily profiles your members and is scalable for use if your association has local chapters.

  7. Support: What type of expectations do I have for initial and ongoing support? Local? Culture? Direct or Indirect?

  8. Ongoing Costs: You need to budget for the short and long-term.

  9. Pre-Review Reviews: We encourage you to get some feedback from your peers before you embark on the search. 

  10. The Search: Do we have the time & talent to do this internally? A quick gut check to see if you have the staff and time to devote to review solutions.

Your Mission Matters In Securing AMS Best Software Fit

As mentioned before, your primary focus depends on your mission. Whatever your unique needs, we can find the software automation which will give you what you need to succeed in running your nonprofit organization.

Contact us and we’ll get y’all headed in the right direction. Until then, keep SmartThoughts in mind.

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