Legislative Data Assignment: A Revolution for iMIS Software Users

Grass Roots

Everyone needs it and everyone wants it. To be sure, conducting a grassroots campaign is difficult logistically, financially and is a time-consuming proposition. Having the right tools in place is essential to mounting a successful campaign and who to call on to get your voice heard is paramount.

Do you have the IMIS, Engagement Management Software? Is Grass Roots Government Advocacy apart of your nonprofit missions?

There are a lot of very good disparate Cloud based Government Relations Software’s in place, but if you answered “Yes”, then Legislative Data Assignment by iMIS is a solution worth reviewing. With LDA & your iMIS software you are clearly able to enhance your ability to communicate with your constituents and keep track of your target state or federal legislator.

Legislative Data Assignment or LDA is designed to import legislative data from well-known legislative data providers. LDA compiles legislator records and allows you to disseminate information to your constituents on a personalized level. Why do we consider LDA to be a game changer? We are confident that LDA can help your organization for the following reasons:

  1. LDA allows your organization to streamline its constituent outreach.

  2. LDA allows your organization to import your constituent profiles and legislator profiles in order to merge the information into one holistic and cohesive data set.

  3. LDA allows you to send granular information such as committee assignment changes to your most dedicated activists.

  4. LDA allows your organization to store records about your target legislator such as bills written, bills supported or bills voted in support of or in opposition to.

  5. LDA allows your organization to use the inherent and powerful tools of your iMIS system for communication and segmentation capabilities.

In summary, LDA gives your organization a global view of the legislative landscape for any given district. It enables your organization to micro target individual legislators in the US Senate or US House of Representatives while still using your current AMS communication and segmentation tools. LDA also allows you to compile data on state senators and state house representatives. LDA can truly be a revolutionary tool in your advocacy arsenal.

Having actionable intelligence can be the difference between a successful campaign and failure. Choose LDA today. Please contact us with any question you may have regarding this software.

If interested, you may take a review now by clicking the YouTube Pic below:

LDA Video on YouTube