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How mobile is your email marketing?

Henry Ford built a great revolution! Now, it's time for you to move ahead with Marketing Automation to build your business!

Knowledge is power in this world, without it we are nothing.  Many associations and nonprofits today collect thousands of pieces of information about their donors with a variety of techniques.  Information ranges from general information such as age, race, gender and zip code down to more personal information such as income, home address, marital status, children, and favorite football team. The more you know the easier it is to craft your message.

The most common technique used for data acquisition is through a dedicated email page.  58% of respondents to an Experian Marketing Services survey use this method.  Using the home page to collect information at 56% follows this.  Armed with this data we must ask ourselves if this is an effective way to reach donors?  Is email marketing worth the time, effort and your marketing budget?

The Migration To Mobile Email Marketing

Today’s donors are equipped with the latest smartphones, and check their email inbox frequently throughout the day.

  1. It is estimated that 48% of emails were opened using a mobile device this year.  Interestingly the amount of time used to scan emails varied by which device was used.

  2. 53% of Android phone users spent 15 seconds or more reading their emails.

  3. This is in stark contrast with iPhone users where 40% spent 15 or more seconds reading email.  The popularity of using mobile devices is unquestioned.  As this decade marches on this statistic will continue to rise.

Using Email Marketing in Donor Initiatives

Donors might be opening more emails on their mobile devices but does it matter? Are donors being overwhelmed by emails? Here are a few statistics for you to draw your own conclusions.

  1. The average email subscriber receives 416 commercial emails a month

  2. This averages to 15 emails a day

  3. 43% came from marketers

  4. The most common alerts were daily deals, social networking and dating

  5. 50% of an average email file is inactive

What Industries are you competing with for attention?

As you can see donors receive vast amounts of emails from an array of interests. Breaking through the noise can be challenging.  Is email marketing right for you? Here are a few of the industries that you will have to compete with for your donor’s attention. The following industries had the highest email read rates:

  1. Health and Beauty (27%)

  2. Apparel (24%)

  3. Department Stores (24%)

  4. Home (23%)

  5. Movies and Games (16%)

  6. Social Networking (14%)

  7. Dating (14%)

As you can see email marketing is going mobile and crafting the right message is imperative to reach your donors.

There are many solutions which may make sense fr you. We have a tremendous passion for marketing automation and have the expert knowledge you may need to find the right fit.

Contact us so we can help you today!

Moving faster sometimes means using better tools. Marketing Software can do just that!


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