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How Events Management Software Can Benefit Your Nonprofit

What is the value of events management software for nonprofits

Have a monstrosity of an event you have to support? If so, Event Management Software may be one tool you will want to use if you want to plan your event without pulling all of your hair out. In this article, I discuss some of the benefits you should consider with Events Management Software.

Events Management Software for Nonprofits

Overview of Events Management Software

With event management software you are able to empower your staff with the option of scheduling, preparing, promoting and bringing everything related to an event together so you can pull off your nonprofit event with ease. In addition, it allows nonprofits to easily throw events, track registrations and more. Many solutions today (Best of breed or All in One) have a wide array of features that let you customize how your events are conducted, including letting you manage event sponsorships, speakers, sessions, event planning, logistics, exhibitors, and mobile applications.

Event Organization 

Organization is a significant key to successful events such as meetings, seminars, trade shows and fundraisers. Event planning software lowers dangers and streamline efficiency. Efficacy is frequently undermined when using spreadsheets. The overflow of data is not always easy for organizations to handle. The threat of data loss is always a possibility and can cause quite the headache for you and everyone else involved.

Event Planning 

Another benefit to using this type of software is you can allow more than one person to help with the planning. With the software, you won’t have to worry about overstepping someone or them overstepping you because you will see what has been completed or done by taking a look at the software.

Abstract Management Features (Call for Papers) 

When you’re planning an event, you know it’s a whole process to figure out what sessions are going to be run and how. Event small nonprofits have to choose from sometimes hundreds of people who are submitting abstracts and want to present. You need to select the best abstracts – sometimes through multiple rounds of judging – and track their scores throughout each round and in the final selection process. And once sessions are chosen, they need the get scheduled, rooms need to get booked, and speakers need to be notified. Using a manual system to do this is a nightmare, and using event planning software that doesn’t integrate with the rest of your system is daunting still. Abstract Management should at a minimum be able to be integrated with most Event Management Software solutions.

Logistics Management with Events Management Software 

Have you ever had logistics change for your events?  It’s what they do. And it seems like they change at the worst of times. With event management software, you can track rooms, speakers, sessions and any equipment you might need along the way. If you have a session that’s in a particular room at a particular time, that session might need AV, a projector, a stage, certain setup and breakdown, food, or any other requirement. If you have got 100 rooms being used 9 to 5 in a six-day period, this can get pretty complicated – event management software can handle that too.

Floor Plan Management 

Do you have exhibitors who need help with booth sales and space management ? In addition to managing logistics for the show, many event management software platforms offer an interactive floor plan which is easily accessible on the web and through a mobile app. With various solutions, attendees can quickly search for and locate vendors by category, name or booth. In fact, some mobile event applications go so far as to allow you the ability to click on a booth which may yield a display of the exhibitor’s details. Very cool stuff!

Attendance Tracking and Guest List Management 

By using events management software, you will have complete control over your guest list. It is often easy to add someone to the guest list if you are using paper and have a long guess list. With this software, you can simply search up the name to ensure you haven’t added it already. It will also prevent others in your organization from adding names you have already added. Ticketing is also possible in most solutions today.

Integration with Membership Software or Donor Database

As with most nonprofits, it’s imperative to keep everything in one place to make life a little less stressful. That noted, it’s likely wise to have your event management software “integrate”  with your membership software or CRM software? We know how frustrating this can be. Many nonprofit donor databases too have designed their databases from the ground up which can sync across all functions with a full 360° view. Depending on the size and focus of your organization, this benefit is a necessity!

These are just several areas ways in which Events Management Software may help a nonprofit handle the events process better. The bottom line is you really should consider using some form of events software to keep things in order. It is a great way to organize and plan events and eliminate some of the stress that comes with doing so. It is a way to work with others and not overstep what they have already done.

Not sure if you need an “All in One” solution or “Best of Need” Events Management Software, please feel free to contact us. Until then keep SmartThoughts in mind.


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