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Happy 4th of July, It’s conference planning time with Kiosk BarCode Software

Explode your next event with Kiosk Software!

For most, the 4th of July officially starts the vacation season. At work, the 4th of July is usually time spent preparing for your upcoming conference or perhaps your program next year. For your staff, Summer is a great time to step back, look at the plans being made for the year ahead, and make sure that the structure is in place to support your ambitious agenda.

If your role has anything to do with the events management for your association, you are likely to benefit from some of the innovative technological assistance now available to organizations of just about any size. What used to be limited to large association or nonprofit entities is now accessible and affordable for even smaller nonprofits.

For example, remember when name badges were handwritten by your event attendees and stuck onto their clothing? For many nonprofits, that was not too long ago. Today, sophisticated cardstock badges are printed for use with reusable (and recyclable) holders in all companies, large and small, while the ability to integrate printed bar codes has transformed data gathering for conference attendees, marketplace vendors and event managers like yourself. With the quick flick of a barcode reader, participants can easily register for additional events, shop in the marketplace, sign in and out of event sessions via a kiosk, validate their registration to receive event materials, and connect and collaborate with vendors.

With no more flipping through rosters and filling out forms, registration will be transformed from long lines to a quick and easy kiosk experience which will leave your event attendees with more time to network and enjoy your conference. You will spend less time managing volunteers and the issues that arise from processes that rely on paperwork.

If you are ready to learn more about how our conference event software and services can streamline your program of events in the coming year, contact us today.


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