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Grassroots Software for Government Relations: Raise Awareness and Cultivate Donors

Grassroots Software will help members, donors, staff

Grassroots Software will help your members, donors, and staff

The internet completely changed grassroots advocacy, giving nonprofits the unprecedented ability to communicate with millions of people across the country and around the world.

Even small, local nonprofits can mobilizing thousands of concerned citizens with a single e-mail. Large groups, with the help of their members, can impact major legislation through an online campaign.

To take full advantage of the internet, it’s essential for nonprofits to use software that meets their needs and supports their strategies.

Quick Tips for items to look for in GrassRoots Software for Government Relations

Here are some important features to keep in mind when choosing advocacy software for your nonprofit:

Strengthening the Organization: A major software purchases is an investment of money, time and energy. Ensure that new purchases genuinely will strengthen not only the Government Relations team but the organization (Staff, Member, Donors).

Sophisticated, Yet User Friendly Database: A robust nonprofit database is essential. The database should be used to store information about your constituents and communicate with them, including advanced search features for segmenting, running reports, and user-defined permission levels for access to the system. Look for advocacy software with a database that can query the data. You want the flexibility to select exactly the right group for each communication to notify of legislation or get out the vote initiatives.

Legislative Information: Look for software that has a pre-populated database of local, state, and federal legislation issues and contact information for representatives at all levels. Whether you have an all in one solution like The Databank or a point solution such as Trackbill, it’s important to have up to date information on items important to your constituents on your website and accessible by your Government Relations staff.

User Friendly Interface: You want to contact members, volunteers, donors and other stakeholders with personalized emails, and you want to do it simply. Look for software with an intuitive interface, which staff and volunteers can learn to use quickly.

“Letters to the Editor” Made Easy: Send powerful messages to your representatives. If you encourage activists to write letters to media outlets, make it super easy with software that includes a database of newspaper, magazine, television and radio stations, and other media contact information.

Connecting Advocacy and Fundraising: Advocates are often strong financial supporters. Look for software that allows you to easily track both advocacy interests and donor activity for the same individual.

Internet Advocacy: It’s important that you find software that can integrate with your existing website to keep your advocates informed, involved and connected to their legislators in support of your advocacy goals. You should expect this from a Government Relations Software system. 

Social Media Integration: Social Media is everywhere. You need a Government Relations Software system which has integration with the various social media outlets available today such as Facebook. With a few simple steps most systems can easily add Government Relations insights to your organization’s Facebook page. Once integrated into your page, applications have several features designed to encourage not only your Facebook advocates to take action but their friends as well, increasing your advocacy campaign’s impact.

There are a lot of Grassroots Software options on the market today. And, there isn’t one size fits all. Please Contact Us to learn more about Grassroots Advocacy software for government relations and determine the right fit for you and your needs.


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