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Email Marketing Tips for Connecting your Membership

According to Jupiter Research, purchase relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails. In this article, see we discuss some quick tips which may help in your efforts to use email marketing software at your nonprofit association.

Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing is the sending of relevant, time-released (aka “drip-campaign”) emails to segmented groups within your Association Management Software database. Each email sends that particular group to a specific “landing page” on your website, with individualized content that connects with their particular interests, determined by their past participation and expressed needs.

Below you will find some tips for keeping your email marketing fresh and relevant to your constituents, so they don’t choose to have your emails automatically filtered into the trash or their “I’ll get to it someday” folder.

Change it up

Receiving the same thing in the same format, time after time, is a recipe for putting your membership to sleep. It’s also a recipe for waking up their spam filters. Keep your membership interested in what’s coming next by sharing different or unexpected perspectives on the service you’re selling, or inviting members to share their personal experiences with your product in your messages.

Announce it there first

Add your marketing automation cycle to your announcement list—and even schedule the send of your marketing email an hour ahead of your other lists. Then, those who have been interacting with your organization most recently are the ones who hear the “great news” first. As word spreads through your membership, others will realize there is true value in paying attention to your marketing automation emails.

Give Members a way to respond

Interaction fosters a sense of relationship. Include in your landing page a way to give feedback as well as take action. Whether it’s expressing support for a particular cause or signing up for a new event, give them a chance to express their opinion on this new development, as well as signing, or signing up.

Most Importantly, Personalize it! 

According to Aberdeen Group, personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%.

To learn more about the possibilities inherent in email marketing software integrated with your existing Association Management software, contact us today.

Email Marketing Software vs. Marketing Automation Software


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